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Native Vegetation Assessment

RANGES Environmental Consulting has the necessary experience in Native Vegetation Assessments throughout Victoria and a sound knowledge of relevant biodiversity and planning regulations to ensure our work is accurate and informed.


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Native Vegetation Impact Assessments and Reporting

The planning system in Victoria regulates the impacts to native vegetation removal by applying the Guidelines for the Removal of Native Vegetation.  In application of these guidelines, our assessments involve a range of scenarios including New Dwellings, Subdivisions, Strategic Planning and Public Infrastructure Projects.


Our reports typically include Habitat Hectare Assessments (certified VQA), a comprehensive flora list, a Fauna Habitat Assessment, Native Vegetation Offset requirements, discussion of regulatory implications and maps/plans outlining the proposed development, vegetation impact and topographic information.

Tree Assessments

Impact to trees is often a separate requirement of the planning system to determine suitability for tree retention in bushfire mitigation, safety considerations of nearby built form or potential indirect impacts from construction.

We have the expertise including AQF Level 5 qualifications and high-accuracy GPS technology to produce detailed tree management plans and arboricultural reports to meet a range of regulatory requirements including AS-4970 (Protection of Trees on Development Sites) and the Bushfire Planning (Clause 53.02).

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Threatened Species Assessments

Where planning authorities are considering an application for native  vegetation removal, rare and threatened flora is considered when potentially present within the impact site.  We have the necessary experience in threatened flora identification targeted surveys, mapping and development of threatened flora management (or translocation) plans to ensure that these species are protected in context of the proposed land use.

Where required, we sub-contract specialist fauna services to undertake fauna salvage, targeted surveys and fauna management plans.

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