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GIS and Cartography

Our GIS capacity provides a key problem-solving tool for development applications within peri-urban and rural areas.  We utilise advanced GPS field-based devices and GIS desktop technology as a means of illustrating spatial data in various maps and plans that is easy to interpret.

Our combined use of GIS (ArcMap and QGIS) programs with CAD drawings, aerial photography, VicMap spatial layers and field-based data ensures our assessments are undertaken with a high degree of accuracy and accountability.

5 Mullhalls Road.jpeg

Example of a Tree Management Plan

Example of a Development Impact Assessment

26 Warringah Crescent Eltham.jpeg

Example of a Tree Protection Plan

128 Exeter Road Croydon North.jpeg

Example of a Bushfire Hazard Assessment

35 Story Road Warburton.jpeg
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