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CityLink Biodiversity Landscaping Masterplan

Ranges Environmental Consulting was engaged by Landcare Australia to prepare a Biodiversity and Landscaping Masterplan for the CityLink Leased Vegetation Corridors for Transurban – CityLink. The Study Area spanned a combined 21 kilometers of the M1 and M2 motorway networks through five local government areas:

The City of Stonnington (M1)

The City of Mooney Valley

The City of Moreland

The City of Yarra (M1)

The City of Greater Melbourne

The management plan identifies 28 key sites (Core Focus Areas) within CityLink Vegetation Corridors and details results and recommendations including:

  • The plant species composition (native and environmental weeds)

  • The opportunities for enhancing vegetation and fauna habitat

  • The ecological and amenity values

  • Plant selection for revegetation

The Development of the Master Plan was in 4 stages: Assessment of candidate sites, development of a Draft Plan, community consultation (including community groups and local government organisations) and a Final Master Plan following stakeholder feedback. The final report provided clear management objectives and guidelines including:

  • A time stamped condition assessment for each site

  • Concept plans to inform detailed landscape design

  • A register of high threat weeds within each site and a hierarchy of management priorities

  • Information for contractors and Transurban staff to enable long-term management planning

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