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Harcourt Strategic Biodiversity Assessment

Project aim was to guide the strategic growth of the town of Harcourt, Mount Alexander Shire Council proposed ‘Plan Harcourt’, a planning scheme amendment that outlines land use recommendations for future planning. Ranges Environmental Consulting were engaged by Mount Alexander Shire Council to undertake a Strategic Biodiversity Assessment for the town of Harcourt to ensure the amendment strikes the required balance between providing for development and growth and protecting areas of high biodiversity value.

The study area consists of approximately 550 hectares of land under various tenure and management. Thorough site assessments were undertaken throughout the town of Harcourt and surrounds including:

Habitat Hectare Assessments

General vegetation quality assessments

Threatened species habitat assessments

Detailed flora survey

Threatened communities condition threshold assessments

Habitat Corridor assessments and mapping

Identification of EVCs present

Fauna Habitat Assessments and incidental surveys

Targeted fauna surveys (Golden Sun Moth and Southern Toadlet)

Following fieldwork, Ranges Environmental Consulting reviewed the proposed amendment in the context of the biodiversity values identified and made planning control recommendations for their protection.

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